HUGE thanks to you for organising what was one of the best organised trips my family have ever been on. The most positive, pro-active travel PR whose energy and enthusiasm for creating the perfect trip – down to the very last detail – is second to none.You are a ski dynamo!
Fiona Hardcastle

Journalist - Daily Mail

Vanessa has always been a pleasure to work with whether she has simply been providing information for a round up or similar or organising a review trip. She always provides information and hi-res images when she says she is going to and keeps me informed if there is likely to be a delay. She takes time to understand who my own clients are and what is likely to be of interest to me and provides me with targeted information. The review trips she has arranged for me have been a pleasure – again she took time to know what my requirements were rather than simply assuming.
Catherine Cooper


I’m always pleased when I see tourism promoters have chosen Vanessa as I know that the trip will be well organised, I’ll get the information I need when I need it, and the time I spend in the area will be focused on the interests that those commissioning me have expressed. Vanessa is fun, efficient and always seeking new ways to showcase destinations.
Briony Key


I have worked with Vanessa for more than a decade, first at the BBC and latterly with PlanetSKI.eu and she is one of the best in the business. Period. She pays forensic attention to detail and is always a pleasure to work with. Most importantly she knows when to butt in and when to stay back in order to get the best out of me for her clients.
James Cove

Journalist & Blog Owner, PlanetSKI.eu

Vanessa has understood and supported the editorial aspirations of Parallel Trails since we launched. She’s been excellent in connecting us with her family skiing clients. I love her proactive approach at suggesting new places we should visit and ski as a family to generate great stories. She clearly loves snow and mountain adventures. There are many PRs who churn out press releases without any thought – not Vanessa. She gives careful consideration to who the client is and what the publication or website’s needs are, and is able to marry them together. Vanessa is focused when it’s needed and fun when that’s more appropriate.

Ben Moore

Co-founder of Parralleltrails.co.uk

I have known Vanessa since we launched www.maddogski.com in 2005. Over that period on many occasions, she has helped us with her great network and extensive knowledge of the ski industry. More recently Vanessa has worked with us to provide targeted and relevant content for our website with regular blogs. As well as being a generally lovely person, we really appreciate her unfailing enthusiasm and energy on behalf of her clients.
Kate Whittaker

Founder, MadDog Ski

We have worked with Vanessa Fisher as a freelance consultant and can’t recommend her highly enough. What she doesn’t know about the ski sector and her specialist sectors isn’t worth knowing, she’s extremely well connected, strategic, highly experienced and goes above and beyond to help. Add to this a lovely person with perspective, creativity and a great sense of humour, and I think that makes the ingredients of a perfect consultant!
Matt Forbes-Dale

Director, FRONT ROW PR

I’ve worked with Vanessa for over ten years and always found her to be the ideal PR – great fun, well organised and totally aware of my needs as a journalist. If all PRs were as efficient as she is my life would be a great deal easier!
Alf Anderson

Freelance Travel and Adventure Sports Writer

Working with Vanessa is a breeze. She is one of the relatively few travel PRs who I can just leave an initial idea with and you know it’s all going to run like clockwork, whether that is getting information for an article, or actually going on a trip. There doesn’t need to be any follow up because you just know it’s all going to get done. Wish I could say that for the vast majority in the travel PR profession but sadly not.
Will Hide

Freelance Journalist for the Times

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